The purpose of your annual appraisal is to enable you, as a nurse engaged for work through Direct Medics Ltd. to discuss with the company’s Nurse Manager your job role(s) and performance over the previous year, any associated issues surrounding your performance and to identify any desired areas for development over the coming year.

The appraisal process will include:

1. A review of all shifts undertaken through Direct Medics, the main scope of the job role(s) undertaken, and any problems experienced during shifts;
2. A review of current preferences and suitability for work;
3. Discussion around identifying areas for development or teaming needs;
4. For UK based nurses, confirmation of progress towards NMC revalidation.

Completion of your Self-Assessment

Your first appraisal with the Nurse Manager at Direct Medics is due on or around the anniversary of your first engagement with the company, and annually thereafter. You will be contacted around one month in advance of your appraisal due date to arrange a suitable date and time for your appraisal meeting to take place, and you will then be supplied with the relevant paperwork.

In advance of your appraisal meeting, you will be asked to complete a ‘self-assessment’, and to return your completed appraisal document to Direct Medics one week prior to your appraisal meeting.

Your Appraisal Meeting

At your appraisal meeting, the Nurse Manager will examine your self-assessment with you, discussing any relevant points with particular focus on planning for any areas for development. Following the meeting, the Nurse Manager will provide you with a Personal Development Plan reflecting areas of learning (if relevant).