Why Work in Glasgow?


Are you interested in nursing job opportunities in Glasgow, Scotland? We have put together a guide with some key information outlining why Glasgow is a great city to live in whilst progressing your Nursing career.


A Nursing degree is essential to work as a Nurse across the UK and Ireland. Nursing courses entail theory learning but also the opportunity to gain practical experience in community settings and hospitals. There are a number of both full-time and part-time courses available in Universities throughout Glasgow to obtain a Nursing degree.

Placement Settings

There is a wide range of settings within the NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde area including: Hospitals, Maternity Hospitals, Cancer and Mental Health Centres. We can place you in a role that suits your specialty or your location of living. With agency work, Nurses can change locations at any time so you can gain experience in a variety of settings.

View all the Hospitals in the Glasgow & Greater Clyde Board and read more about their services here.

Cost of Living

In terms of average cost of living Glasgow falls right in the middle amounting to less than Edinburgh, but typically more than Aberdeen which makes it an affordable location to base your Nursing career.

  • Rent: From £650 – £950 approximately for 1 bed apartment if located in city centre
  • 1L of milk: £0.95
  • Loaf of Bread: £1.02
  • One way public transport ticket: £2.00 – £4.00

In some cases, subsidised accommodation can be provided by Direct Medics. More information can be provided when speaking to our Recruitment Team upon registration.


Glasgow holds a lot of history and there are great areas to be seen both in and outside the city.

  • Glasgow City Centre: The heart of the city is home to must-see spots in Glasgow such as Kelvingrove Art Galleries, Glasgow Green, Clydeside Distillery, George Square and the Glasgow Cathedral. The Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour is a great way to visit these sights.
  • Escape the city: Take yourself away from the busy city centre and pay a visit to the Trossachs, take a boat trip down Loch Lomond, or learn all about the royal history of Stirling Castle.

If you are interested in learning more about the Nursing roles available in Glasgow, visit our jobs board or contact our Recruitment Team on 014 1428 3127.