Christmas & Your Mental Health


While Christmas is a joyous time for most, it can also put a lot of pressure on people emotionally & financially. We have put together some tips on how you can be kind to your mind this Christmas.

1. Plan Ahead

Long shifts do not make Christmas shopping easy for Healthcare professionals, however there are ways to fit shopping around a busy schedule. Create a list of people to buy for and prepare gift ideas in advance. Try to shop on online stores where all presents can be bought at once.

2. Secret Santa!

If you’re worried about finances this Christmas, speak to your loved ones for support and don’t be afraid to let them know that gifts will be small this year – remember it’s the thought that counts! Alternatively, organise Secret Santa with friends, family or colleagues. This will help you stick to a budget and decreases the number of presents you have to buy.

3. Prioritise your needs

The holidays can involve going places, attending parties or doing activities that may at times make you feel overwhelmed. It’s important to do what is best for you. Ease the pressure by only committing to a few things or attend for a limited time. Where possible bring someone along with you that you feel comfortable around or try some relaxation methods beforehand such as meditation or breathing exercises to help you cope.

4. Look after yourself

Christmas can be hectic with many planned activities and outings. It’s important to take time for yourself during the month of December too and do things that you enjoy to help you relax.

5. Make plans for after Christmas!

Why not plan something fun to do in the New Year! Having something to look forward to after Christmas can help you to get through a tough festive season.

Important contacts:

If you need to speak to others to help you cope this season, Mind have a list organisations you can contact for support: Useful contacts – Christmas and mental health – Mind