Christmas Gift Guide for Nurses!


Not sure what to gift a friend or family member who works as a Nurse this festive period? We have put together a short list of thoughtful gift ideas that will help them during their long shifts. 

  1. Tumbler – Ensuring that their drink will stay hot or cold for longer will save Nurses from having to regularly refill their mug so they can enjoy their favourite refreshment throughout their shift!  
  1. Footwear – Reliable footwear is essential to help Nurses stay comfortable and safe whilst on their feet. There are some excellent footwear brands available with wide-fit, non slip and lightweight features.  
  1. Instant Pot – Instant pots speed up cooking by up to10 times which will allow any busy Nurse to batch prepare meals for the work week ahead. Instead of getting in and spending an hour preparing a meal, or choosing a fast, unhealthy option, they can have a wholesome dinner on the table in just a few minutes. 
  1. Fob Watch – A fob watch is a great alternative for Nurses who are unable to wear a wristwatch while working. With different designs, colour options and features available, it would make a useful addition to uniforms. 
  1. Badge Clips – These are useful for holding ID Badges for identification and door access security cards to enable swift access all required areas of the hospital or clinic. Amazon has some great options that can provide a personalised touch to scrubs or uniforms.